Hole in the Head Press

Congratulations. You've found Hole in the Head Press. We are a very small publishing company located in Bodega Bay, California. We focus primarily on publishing high quality, illustrated military and local history books. Our first offerings are on the Cold War continental air defense system. Our newest book, available summer 2019, is about the Bay Area during World War II.

Artillery at the Golden Gate
The Harbor Defenses of San Francisco in World War II

By ´╗┐Brian B. Chin


Artillery at the Golden Gate tells the story of the "concrete soldiers," the US Army coast artillerymen who manned the huge seacoast rifles and underwater minefields guarding the San Francisco harbor during World War II.

Brian Chin's book recreates the atmosphere of wartime San Francisco and recounts in vivid detail the life of the Army coast artillerymen stationed in a world of full alerts and combat discipline within sight of San Francisco.

Based on interviews with veterans and supported by official records, press accounts, and over 170 historical photographs, this book paints a rich mosaic of memorable Army personalities and their intriguing experience in the wartime port city.